Welcome to Mumeishi Melbourne!

Mumeishi is a Kendo Club about 1 hour's drive east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

What is Kendo?

Kendo is a Japanese martial art that aims to improve the human person through the discipline and practise of sword skills. Translated into English, "kendo" means the way of the sword.

"Friendship begins at the crossing of the swords." Terry Holt Sensei

What is Mumeishi?

Mumeishi is a the name of a group of 3 sister clubs located in London, Tel Aviv, and Melbourne.

The Mumeishi Motto

開かれた心 – Hira kareta kokoro

学ぶ心 - Manabu kokoro

友を思う心 - Tomo wo omou kokoro

Translation: Open minds in learning and friendship.


More about us....

Mumeishi is affiliated with the official bodies of Kendo in Austraia.

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